my recommended plan

If you’re taking UNE’s Organic Chemistry 1 Course and you’re looking for advice on how to proceed, here’s what I recommend.

As you attack each Chapter:

  1. Watch my video series that corresponds to that Chapter, and read the supplemental material in your book.
  2. If you’ve bought my maps and resources, find the resources that go with this Chapter and watch the video that teaches you how to use them.  If you choose not to buy my maps, spend some time organizing the information you’ve learned so you have it all easily accessible for the quiz (and for the final).
  3. Work through the practice problems in your book, and contact me for some extra practice problems from old quizzes.
  4. Contact me via email or text to discuss any questions you have.   I can answer your questions via email/text, or we can set up a tutoring session if you have more detailed questions.
  5. Take your quiz when you feel confident, then move on to the next chapter!

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