organic 2 videos

Each series includes multiple videos and can be viewed an unlimited number of times for three months.  Click the link to view a video “trailer” or to purchase the video.

Each video series is optimized for the UNE curriculum and is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to perform well on your quiz and midterm.

Videos Currently Available through Vimeo:

ATTENTION:  These videos currently match the OLD ORGANIC 2 curriculum which ended in 2019.  If you are interested in information about, or help with, the new curriculum please contact me through the link.

Week 3:   The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Calculations, and Mass Spec – 33 minutes, $15

Week 4:  Degrees of Unsaturation, IR Theory, Interpretation, and Practice – 72 minutes, $25

Week 5:  Proton NMR Theory, Interpretation, and Practice (includes Chemical Shift, # of Signals, Integration, Splitting) – 80 minutes, $30

Week 6:  C-13 NMR Theory, Interpretation, and Practice – 87 minutes, $15

Midterm Prep:  Combined Spectroscopy Problems show you how to complete detailed problems that include all the above analytical methods — the kind of problems you’ll see on the midterm.  $50.  (NOTE:  no need to buy this if you’re also buying the lab videos.  Just make sure to watch lab videos 1-6 before you take the midterm.)

lighting your way through UNE organic chem