EMich Bruice Text

Videos for the Bruice text at EMich

NOTE:  These videos were originally made for a course at UNE, so with the exception of the Chapter 2 videos, if you see me doing any particularly difficult practice examples toward the end of a video series, they were geared towards UNE’s quizzes and you may not need to worry about them!

Week 1, Chapter 1:  My Module 1 Video Series to review everything you forgot from Gen Chem – $20.  Also from your text, learn electron configurations and sections 1.10* and 1.14.

Week 2, Chapter 2:  Video Series “Acids and Bases” Created Jan. 2016 – $25.

Week 3, Chapter 3:  My Module 2 Video Series – $20.  Also watch Video 2 (Nomenclature of Alcohols) from this series and Video 1 (Nomenclature of Amines) from this series.  And from your text, pay attention to common names, intermolecular forces, boiling points and solubility!

Week 4, Chapter 4:  Chapter 4 Video Series – $25.  Make sure you prepare with lots of practice problems from your text!

Week 5, Chapter 5:  This is a tricky week.  I suggest watching videos 1 and 3 from this series (both are free).  Also pay close attention to the following sections in your text: 5.1, 5.3, 5.9.

Week 6, Chapter 6:  My Module 4 Video Series – $20.  NOTE that my video series does not teach carbocation rearrangements.  You MUST learn hydride shifts and methyl shifts!  Here‘s a good resource that explains them in the proper context.

Week 8, Chapter 7:  Chapter 7 Video Series – $20.  Updated with Dienes and Diels Alder reactions May 2017.

Week 9, Chapter 8:  Module 7 Video Series – $25.
This series is SUPER helpful for clearing up this chapter.  My resources also fill in the gaps. Highly recommended.  However my videos do not discuss carbocation rearrangements (hydride shifts and methyl shifts).

Week 10, Chapter 9:  Bruice Chapter 9 Series – $25.  A complete video series for Chapter 9 (Reactions of Alcohols, Ethers, and Epoxides) with special emphasis on solving problems for quizzes and final exam.  These problems are also helpful for the EMich course!  :)

Week 11, Chapter 11:  Bruice Chapter 11 Video Series ($20) will help immensely.  However these lectures DO NOT follow the book.  They teach the same reactions in a different order.

Week 12, Chapter 12:  My Module 10 Video Series – $20.  Watch sections 1, 2, 3, and 6. (Note: videos 10-4 and 10-5 are an intro to reactions of alpha carbons and Aldol Additions – Ch.13.)

Week 13, Chapter 13:  As a supplement to the chapter, I suggest watching my FREE YouTube videos:
Enols and Enolates
6-Part Series on Aldol Reactions.  These videos do not cover conjugate additions (which are actually covered in the last two sections of chapter 12) or Claisen Condensations.

Week 14, Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Video Series – $20. Recently updated with new material to cover the types of questions you’ll see in the new curriculum.

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