• I want help. How should I proceed?
    Just contact me via email at janci@brightideatutoring.com (I usually respond within a few hours), and we can chat via phone, text, or email to determine how I can help you. I can “teach” you the class via pay-per-view video or one-on-one tutoring, or I can just answer your questions when you have them. I have all kinds of reaction maps and other resources that may interest you. We’ll work with our schedules to set up an initial appointment if you’d like to meet. Once you become an established client, I’ll give you access to my online calendar, so you can see when I’m available and request the appointment times (via text or email) that are most convenient for you. You’ll find that I’m your friend and colleague throughout the process of finishing your class. Just email me to get started!
  • What are your qualifications as a tutor?
    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Polymer Chemistry and a 3.8 GPA in my Master’s work in Polymer Chemistry. I’m trained in public speaking, counseling, and conflict resolution. I have experience teaching undergraduate labs and leading small groups. Most importantly, I have over 15 years of experience working as a professional tutor, and a proven track record of success. For more information, read more about me, or read my testimonials from previous clients.
  • If I want one-on-one tutoring, what are your rates and how do payments work?
    I charge $70/hour weekdays (10am-5:00pm Eastern Time Monday-Friday), and $80/hour evenings and weekends. I pro-rate our time together, so you only pay for the time we meet. I accept payment via Paypal.
  • What if I just want to use your videos, and I don’t want tutoring?
    That’s fine too! You can access all my videos through webpage, or directly through the Vimeo site. I’ll always be here if you decide you want extra help.
  • How are you different from other chemistry tutors?
    There are plenty of tutors who “know chemistry,” but lack a passion for teaching. They may be ex-chemists, or graduate students looking to make some extra money. I know my chemistry, but first and foremost, I love teaching. I’ve known I wanted to teach since I was a child. And the one-on-one approach of tutoring is extremely rewarding because it allows me to impact my clients in a way that’s not possible in a large classoom. ¬†Other tutors may have information, but it’s also important that they have true teaching ability. I believe that tutoring, and learning, cannot be successful when approached using a one-size-fits-all formula. I work with you to find your individual learning style, creating a personalized one-on-one tutoring experience that enhances understanding while making the learning process efficient and painless.
  • Where/How do we meet?
    If you’re local to Tampa, FL, we can meet at my tutoring office, which is conveniently located just off Interstate 4 East of 75. If you’re not local, we can meet using Skype or FaceTime. I also answer questions using email or text!

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    1. Yes I do! I specialize in the spectroscopy portion of the course (interpretation of IR, NMR, and Mass Spec), but I’m happy to help with all of it.

  1. Have you ever tutored a Non UNE student? I’m going to be taking an online organic chemistry class in the near future, but am still undecided as to which school I will be taking it at.

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