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Grades Are In!

HUGE congrats are in order to the six students who received their grades in the last four weeks.

4 of my clients finished UNE Organic 1:  3 A’s and 1 A-.

2 of my clients finished UNE Organic 2:  2 A’s.

My client Amy also wrote this crazy testimonial for my website.  You won’t believe what she accomplished.

I was contacted by the PA program I was planning on attending a month prior to matriculation and told I was missing a chemistry prerequisite. Fortunately, I discovered UNE’s online organic chemistry course, though after reading other students’ reviews of the course I became very worried. With no other choice and less than 3 weeks to complete the course, I started off by reading the chapters in the textbook; however, after a week of this I found the material extremely difficult to follow and very time consuming. This is when I contacted Janci from Bright Idea Tutoring. We set up a Skype session and she advised me on the best way to complete this course with my limited time. I started watching her chapter tutorial videos and found myself exceeding my time goals. With her tutorial videos, along with her supplementary notes including reaction maps specifically geared towards UNE’s organic chemistry course, I ended up receiving an A on the final exam and an A in the course in 3 weeks! UNE’s organic chemistry I course is NOT easy, but with Bright Idea Tutoring it became manageable. Best of luck!

-Amy L.

Holy crap, Amy!!!  You’re some kind of genius.  :D

I know a lot more of you are still plugging along.  Don’t give up!  Your A is on the horizon.