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In addition to one-on-one tutoring and educational videos, I have a variety of reaction maps and resources available to help you succeed in UNE’s Organic Chemistry 1 Course. All of them are extremely helpful when taking the OPEN-NOTE midterm and final!

Below you’ll find a list of the resources I currently have to offer. More are on the way!  If you’d like to buy a ALL of these resources in a bundle (plus a few bonus resources), click here to receive 15% off on everything – $93.

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Chapter 2 - pKa's
sample of Chapter 2 – pKa Chart

Chapter 2:  pKa Chart $6 – includes a list of acids and bases, ranked from strongest to weakest.  Includes protonated versions, conjugate bases, etc., listed with both name and structure.  Buy Now

Chapter 3: Nomenclature, Configurations, and Physical Properties – $8 – A “cheat sheet” that includes common names, stable conformations of cyclohexane, conformers of butane (Newman projections), intermolecular forces, boiling point, and solubility information. Click to buy

Chapter 4:  Stereoisomers – $8 – A one-page flow chart that walks you through the process of determining whether two compounds are completely different compounds, constitutional isomers, identical compounds, or stereoisomers.  And if they’re stereoisomers, what kind? Enantiomers, diastereomers, or meso compounds.  Buy Now

Chapter 6 Map Sample
Chapter 6 Map Sample

Chapter 6 Map – $7 – A one-page reaction map that includes all reactions from Chapter 6, laid out in a way that’s easy to follow (for example, if your reactant is an alkyne, start at “Alkynes” and follow from there!  Buy Now

Midterm – I offer resources to help review for the midterm – email me for more info!

Sample of SN+E Flow Chart
Sample of SN+E Flow Chart

Chapter 8 Maps – 3 Pages – $20 – Three pages of extremely detailed maps and charts that help you choose a reaction mechanism (SN1, SN2, E1, or E2) and the characteristics of each one.  Discusses reaction rates, solvent effects, etc.  Vital for chapter 8.  Buy Chapter 8 Bundle Now

Chapter 9 Map –  $10 – An updated version of the Chapter 6 map that now includes all the Chapter 9 reactions as well.  Best used after the midterm to avoid confusion.  Buy Now

Chapter 9 Map Sample
Chapter 9 Map Sample

Redox – $10 – All the oxidation and reduction reactions from Chapters 9, 10, and 11.  Buy Now

Sample - Chapter 11 Page 1
Sample – Chapter 11 Page 1

Chapter 11 Page 1 – $8 – Shows the reactions of carboxylic acids – specifically acid-catalyzed formation of esters and acid-base reactions, and the use of phosphorus trichloride to form Acid Chlorides. From Acid Chlorides you’ll see the formation of Esters and Amides, and the acid and base hydrolysis of each.  Buy Now

Chapter 11 Page 2 - Sample
Chapter 11 Page 2 – Sample

Chapter 11 Page 2 – $10 – A one-page chart that includes all possible interconversions of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives (Acid Chlorides, Anhydrides, Esters, Amides, Nitriles, Acids, and Carboxylates). Includes notes and references back to Chapter 11 page 1.  This chart makes Chapter 11 EASY.  Buy Now

Chapter 12 – $8 – A one-page reaction map that includes all reactions of ketones and aldehydes including some that are not covered in your book (but WILL be covered on your quizzes). Buy Now

Sample of Chapter 12 - Ketones and Aldehydes
Sample of Chapter 12 – Ketones and Aldehydes

Chapter 14 – $15 – Two pages.  Page 1 covers radical stabilities and the mechanism of free radical bromination.  Page 2 features the number of monochlorination products and dichlorination products for nine common molecules. Click to buy

Sample of Chapter 14 Page 1
Sample of Chapter 14 Page 1

Final Exam – I offer excellent resources to help prepare for the final exam!  Email me for more info!




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