organic 1 LAB

UNE’s lab curriculum changed as of January 2021.  If you signed up after that date and would like help, please contact me directly.  Thanks!

The lab can be tedious and overwhelming, especially in the middle of studying for the course and the final.

I’ve created a video series in which you’ll watch me complete all the labs and instruct you on every nuance of the process.  Included with this video series are printable pdf files that include all the data from the labs AND my analysis of the data — in short, it’s everything you need to do well in the lab!

Watch this video for details:

Please contact me if you have ANY questions about how the lab is graded or how the lab affects your final exam grade.  I’m here to help.

There are two ways to purchase:   1) follow the link to Vimeo, and buy the video series.  Then email me with a proof of purchase to get your pdf files.  or 2) email me directly and I’ll set you up!

lighting your way through UNE organic chem